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At FLY24 CO LTD, our values guide our every action and decision. Safety is paramount, as we prioritize the well-being of our passengers, employees, and the environment. We believe in people’s cohesiveness and strive to foster respect, teamwork, and effective communication within our organization. Integrity is at the core of our business, as we uphold ethical practices, accountability, and transparency. Our focus on customers centers around convenience, care, and affordability, ensuring their satisfaction. Innovation drives us forward, as we embrace new ideas, products, and value-added services. 

What we do?

 Experience the difference in air travel and travel-related services with

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Aerial Survey for the Ministry of Wildlife

FLY24 CO LTD conducts aerial surveys on behalf of the Ministry of Wildlife. Aerial surveys ...


Cash Repatriation to and from Major Towns in the Country

FLY24 CO LTD provides cash repatriation services, facilitating the movement of cash between major towns ...


Transport/Delivery of Field Payments for Banks

FLY24 CO LTD offers secure and efficient transport and delivery services for field payments on ...


Transport of Staff/Food/Stationaries and Equipment to Oil/Mining Fields

FLY24 CO LTD specializes in transporting staff members, food supplies, stationery, and equipment to remote ...


Charter Flights to East African Countries and within South Sudan

FLY24 CO LTD offers charter flights to various destinations within East African countries, as well ...


Air Ambulance Services to Any Destinations in South Sudan and Beyond

FLY24 CO LTD provides air ambulance services, ensuring swift and efficient transportation of patients in ...


Birds/Pests Control in Agricultural Farms

FLY24 CO LTD offers professional birds and pests control services specifically designed for agricultural farms. ...


Air Ticketing for Other Airlines

In addition to our own flight services, FLY24 CO LTD provides air ticketing services for ...

Beyond Transportation

FLY24 CO LTD goes beyond transportation, providing travel planning and consultation services. Our knowledgeable team helps clients choose the right destinations, accommodations, and activities, creating unforgettable experiences. We strive to obtain necessary accreditations to maintain the highest standards in the industry. Additionally, our financial management consultancy offers effective solutions, including loan schemes, bonds, guarantees, and comprehensive financial planning to ensure long-term sustainability.

Join us at FLY24 CO LTD as we embark on a journey of excellence, safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

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What People and Clients Think About Us?

My recent flight experience with FLY24 CO LTD was nothing short of excellent. From the moment I boarded the plane until I reached my destination, everything was seamless. The crew members were friendly and attentive.


We have been consistently impressed with FLY24 CO LTD’s top-notch services for our corporate transportation needs. Whether it’s transporting our staff, equipment,they have always delivered with professionalism.


FLY24 CO LTD has been an invaluable partner in our wildlife conservation efforts. Their aerial survey services have provided us with vital data and insights for our research and monitoring projects in Kenya.


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At FLY24 CO LTD, safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety standards and regulations, conducting regular maintenance checks on our aircraft and ensuring our crew members are highly trained professionals. We also employ advanced safety measures to mitigate any risks. Rest assured, we prioritize the safety of our passengers, employees, and the environment at all times.

FLY24 CO LTD stands out for its commitment to customer convenience, care, and affordability. We prioritize the needs of our customers, offering personalized services and striving to exceed their expectations. Our focus on innovation allows us to provide new ideas, products, and value-added services that enhance the travel experience. Additionally, our dedication to excellence ensures that we continuously improve our services to deliver the highest standards of quality.

Absolutely! FLY24 CO LTD offers air ticketing services for various renowned airlines, including KQ, Air Rwanda, Ethiopian Airlines, I-Fly, Premier airline, and more. Our experienced travel consultants will assist you in booking flights with these airlines, providing seamless travel arrangements and excellent customer service.

We have multiple channels available for your convenience. You can reach out to our customer service team by phone, email, or in-person at our office in South Sudan. Our responsive and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you with any inquiries, booking requests, or general assistance you may need.
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The safety of our passengers, employees, and the environment is our top priority.


We value and respect individuals, promoting teamwork and communication.


We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, ensuring accountability and transparency in all our actions

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Our focus is on providing convenience, care, and affordability to our customers. We deliver best services.

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